New Website!

by Jon on August 27, 2010

New Look, New Applications !

Welcome to the new Valorem website.  We are pleased to relaunch our web presence to coincide with a new application – Kevah Works.

Kevah Works

Kevah works is designed for the management of jobs on sites. This application is unique in facilities services, with a strong focus on site management of periodicals, ad hoc work, and extra work. Managers and staff can work through the job process cycle, giving a very visible tracking of work and activity. You can sign-up for free for 30days, create a site, and see how it works for you. Kevah Works is software as a service, and will work on any browser and most web devices. Try it and let us know what you think.

Blog, Newsletter and Activity

The new Valorem site includes an blog, where we will be adding stories from our customers.  Sign-up for the newsletter to get the latest as Valorem goes through this next exciting stage of company.

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